Byrd Dog Photography

Byrd Dog Photography


GSP Club of the Finger Lakes - AKC Hunt Test 

Max - Owned by Pete Paduch!i=2197628727&k=XSB2gSF

Luna & Bella - Owned by Patty and Fab Busso!i=2197717711&k=JpSpHTM 

Otis & Luci - Owned by Scott and Sue Janowski:!i=2199611036&k=zD7zkBH

Sunny & Emma - Owned by Diane Krause:!i=2199702038&k=nkQmnTR

Percy & Max - Owned and Handled by Dave Molyneaux!i=2208362208&k=WX8MvDf

Ditto - Owned by Judy Zeigler!i=2208256141&k=LSFTfhJ 

Brandy - Owned by Margie Meador!i=2208307744&k=9HTwSrR 

Ares - Owned by Dick Aronica!i=2204026018&k=N59Sb9t 

Bella - Owned by Nathyn Knipe!i=2204055233&k=FgWSppw 

Greta - Owned by Charlie Sellers!i=2208195880&k=dg5KkMp 

Reno - Owned by Mary Walker!i=2208159129&k=Fr8f6fG 

Jac - Owned by Chris Holland!i=2204099172&k=Fs8ZLsP 


NAVHDA Duck Search Seminar & Training Days

Emma - Owned by Dan Eyster :!i=1980660369&k=G2M3hDg

Trigger - Owned by Garry Keyser :!i=1980609507&k=Xvddtxc

Mitzi - Owned by Joe Seibert :!i=1980509575&k=hfbcRtB

Beatrice - Owned by John Sempowaski :!i=1980820134&k=QkWT7n2 

Tara - Owned by Mike Taylor :!i=1980759280&k=fSWbnCq

Gus & Cassie Owned/Handled by Herb Geiger :!i=1980422688&k=qcQTQ34 

Ella - Owned by Emily Burdick :!i=1980374340&k=z3bCmwr  

Maggie - Owned by John Lehman :!i=1940745290&k=sQZcJk9 

Dan Devlin - Brown Spinone :!i=1945628058&k=GJMF8gv

Chase - Owned by Don Kissling :!i=1940308895&k=z5bmbxr

Wyck - Owned by Kathy Krommes :!i=1939183064&k=qBKnbMg

Poggi - Owned by Deirdre Lehman :!i=1939077997&k=5qdNRzs

Junie - Owned by Bob Dewar :!i=1941342304&k=PQn68ZG

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